Hanuman Jayanti

We will celebrate Hanuman Jayanti on Monday, April 26, 2021. For this auspicious occasion, we will be chanting 108 Hanuman Chalisa. We kindly ask devotees to sponsor the Chalisa in their name and their family’s name for a small donation of $25 per Chalisa. You can choose how many Chalisa you want to sponsor. Please complete the form below to sponsor the desired number of Chalisa. Use the link below to download the fillable Hanuman Jayanti sponsorship form.

Hanuman Jayanti Sponsorship Form

Please return the filled form by email to and attaching the form. We thank you for your generous contribution.

The Hindus celebrate Hanuman Jayanti on the full moon day of the Chaitra month. Hanuman, who is also known as Vanara God, was born on this day, and the Hanuman Jayanti celebration is to commemorate the birth of Hanuman. 

There is confusion among the Hindu devotees in North America regarding the festival dates. Some like to follow Indian dates and times, which may not be correct depending on who you ask. The Hindu festival dates and times are based on moon phases. The moon moves west to east (Let’s not confuse it with the moon rise and set) around the earth. The moon phases translate into festival dates and muhurta time which will come first in North America before India.  

In the case of Hanuman Jayanti, India will celebrate it on April 27 because that’s when the full moon will occur in India. Whereas the full moon will appear on April 26 in North America, hence the Hanuman Jayanti is on the 26th.